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Gap year travel, volunteering, teaching and internships across the world

GapGuru is a gap travel specialist offering a wide range of exciting gap year volunteering, teaching, travel and internship opportunities across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. With GapGuru you could be teaching English to Buddhist monks in Thailand, leading fun games and activities at a children's summer club or working on a medical or journalism internship.

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Gain valuable publishing experience abroad with this editorial internship in India. Work for an award-winning - Read More
Medical Internship in New Delhi
Intern abroad in a world class hospital in New Delhi and gain medical experience on - Read More
Business Internship in Tanzania
Gain valuable experience on your gap year abroad by working as a business analyst in - Read More
Gain valuable film and media experience, working with a professional filmmaker in Thailand. Assist activities - Read More

Gap Year Internships

Intern abroad with GapGuru and learn new skills on your gap year abroad. Our medical internships, journalism internships and business internships give you the chance to combine working abroad with culture and travel. Gap year interns can immerse themselves in overseas communities, while gaining confidence and building invaluable experience for their CV. An internship abroad is the perfect way to make the most of your gap year.
I came to India for medical work experience so that I could immerse myself in the life of a doctor and see if this was really the career for me. The hospital and its staff were amazing and I learnt more about medicine than I could have ever hoped.

Laurence Sharifi

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Rural teaching in Palampur, India - India, Palampur

Teach English and other extra curricular activities in Palampur, India on your gap year abroad; - Read More

Nursery School Teacher in Romania - Romania, Transylvania

Volunteer in a nursery in Romania and help young children with the early development of - Read More
Volunteer teaching English in Cambodia

Teaching English in Cambodia - Cambodia, Battambang

Volunteer in Cambodia and make a difference in local communities by teaching English. Help give - Read More

Volunteer Teaching in Romania - Romania, Transylvania

Volunteer in Romania on your gap year and teach English to disadvantaged schoolchildren in Transylvania. - Read More

Gap Year Teaching

Education is often the best way to help underprivileged communities overseas. By teaching English abroad on volunteer teaching projects you can make a real difference on your gap year. Whether teaching in Africa, Asia or South America, gap year volunteers can bring energy and enthusiasm to stimulate disadvantaged children. With opportunities to teach arts, crafts and drama and other extra-curricular activities, teaching overseas can be a varied and rewarding way to spend you gap year.
The students are all so intelligent and try so hard that it is such a joy to be able to help them make a proper start in life. I have been so inspired that I hope to return and work with these sorts of underprivileged children in the future. Opportunity not to be missed!

Amy Windibank

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Gap Year Work in Community Hospital

Gap Year Work in Community Hospital - India, New Delhi

Make a difference during your gap year travel with volunteer work in a community hospital - Read More

Volunteer Work in Care Homes - Romania, Transylvania

This volunteering project in Romania supports orphaned and abandoned children living in care homes. Help - Read More

Tanzania Encompassed - Tanzania

Tanzania Encompassed is the complete African gap year experience. Volunteer for 4 weeks, climb the - Read More
Volunteer summer club leader in Thailand

Summer Club Leader in Thailand - Thailand, Chiang Mai

Volunteer in this group summer programme in Thailand and lead fun activities for children at - Read More

Gap Year Volunteering

Volunteer abroad during your gap year and get involved with community development, wildlife conservation, sports coaching, volunteer childcare and much more besides. You could be working as an orphanage volunteer in Tanzania caring for children affected by HIV/AIDS, or teaching arts, crafts and music in community volunteer projects in India. Wherever you spend your gap year volunteering, your energy and enthusiasm can help to improve the lives of those less fortunate.
I couldn't have had a better time if I'd tried. The children and the staff were incredibly friendly, they made me so welcome. I had the opportunity to work on a 1:1 basis with the children which was great fun and extremely beneficial.

Laura Conway

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Asia Experience - Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Discover the very best of Asia, by combining adventure travel, gap year volunteering and sightseeing. - Read More

Asia Experience - Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

Discover the very best of Asia, by combining adventure travel, gap year volunteering and sightseeing. - Read More

Tanzania Encompassed - Tanzania

Tanzania Encompassed is the complete African gap year experience. Volunteer for 4 weeks, climb the - Read More

Tanzania Adventure - Tanzania

The Tanzania Adventure is an incredible African gap year experience in just 1 month. Volunteer - Read More

Gap Year Travel

Gap year travel is your opportunity to explore the world and the amazing sights it has to offer. GapGuruā€™s gap travel journeys take in all the main attractions but also take you off the beaten track to immerse you in local cultures and communities. From adventure travel treks in Asia to African wildlife safaris, we have something for everyone! Take a break from your gap year volunteer work to travel India, Nepal or Tanzania for some unforgettable experiences!
The Mount Meru Trek was absolutely amazing! I loved every single minute of it. It was tough, but so worth it. We got to the summit at dawn and watching the sunrise over Kilimanjaro is the most incredible thing I've ever seen!

Becky Smith

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