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Orphanage Volunteer in Nepal

Orphanage volunteer work brightening the lives of Nepalese children

Dominated by the mighty Himalayan mountains and given unique flavour by its mix of religions and culture, Nepal is a special place to take a gap year abroad! The Nepalese are famed for their hospitality and those who volunteer in Nepal are always welcomed warmly. On this orphanage volunteer project you can give something back in return!

Gap year volunteering role: This gap volunteer role is based in an orphanage in southern Kathmandu where it helps to support some of the region's poorest children. The orphanage is part of a network of centres and schools that, with the help of volunteer work, provide a home for nearly 200 poor and vulnerable children, and education for a further 500.

As a volunteer in an orphanage you will look after children aged between 6 and 16 years old. The children are from very poor backgrounds and have been orphaned or abandoned because their families cannot afford to support them. As an orphanage volunteer you can help care for the children, providing emotional support and guidance, and helping them with their English.

Your gap year volunteering role will be based at the orphanage but volunteers are also encouraged to help out with English classes at a nearby school which the children attend. Those who prefer to stay in the orphanage can help with daily chores and other support work.

Your gap year experience: This project is ideal for anyone who wants to make a difference during their gap year abroad! Your contribution as an orphanage volunteer can enrich the lives of children living in hardship and help them get the education they need to support themselves as they grow up.

To volunteer in an orphanage you need no specialist skills, simply the enthusiasm and creativity to interact with the children and make their days varied and full of learning. Our gap year volunteers always find it rewarding and enjoyable interacting with the kids and by living and working in Nepalese communities you can gain a real insight into local lifestyle and culture.
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