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Scott Stevens
About Me
An 18 year old, internet-loving, filmmaker-wannabee exploring the world. First stop: Romania.
Scott Stevens's Blogs

Romania: The Clock Ticks

Posted By Scott Stevens on 02 Nov 2013
And so the clock ticks. With not long until I go home, it seems right to start to round things up. This trip has been great for many reasons. I spent the first two weeks alone in this strange, foreign city and as I look back, it has really helped me. I feel a lot more confident in doing things independently as a "grown up". I have also met so many more people and everyone has been SO welcoming! Every class I have been in has listened to what I had to say and asked so many questions.

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Romania: The Final Countdown

Posted By Scott Stevens on 27 Oct 2013
Just one week left to go? That can't be right. It only only feels like I have been here a few days but when I really think about it, I have done a lot! I've hiked, I've explored Bran Castle, I've been to a LOT of coffee shops and I have made new friends. It's been a great few weeks and it isn't over (yet)!The main thing that happened this week? Everyone found my YouTube channel. Now, I like the videos I have on there but some can be VERY embarrasing.

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Romania: Fang-tastic

Posted By Scott Stevens on 22 Oct 2013
What a weekend! So much has happened in the last two days, it's been great! I went to the school on Saturday evening for the Freshman Ball which was more like a performance(ish) night. There was singing, dancing and the most enjoyable best couple competition. They had to do different tasks including shooting balloons and dodging lasers (also known as string). I, of course, didn't know anything the hosts said but it was fun all the same! Sunday morning was a very early start.

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Romania: We're Halfway There

Posted By Scott Stevens on 20 Oct 2013
Two weeks in and two weeks to go. Time is absolutely flying by. It is really strange that I am leaving in just two weeks and knowing how fast these past two weeks have been, it will zoom by. This week has been really nice. All of the classes have talked a lot and they made me feel very welcome. Talking to shopkeepers who know no English is still a pain but oh well, I'll just have these Pombears please. Tomorrow night is the Freshman Ball and after being asked by every class if I was going, I received a very classy invitation yesterday.

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Romania: The Adventure Continues

Posted By Scott Stevens on 14 Oct 2013
A week has gone already? WHAT?!!?! Well, I better get busy. Over the weekend, I did a fair bit of exploring. Saturday included walking up a massive hill on the east side of the town which overlooked the city (you would've thought it was a mountain with the amount I was sweating!). The view was spectacular and I sat there for a few hours and read my book. Following this, I went to Lidl. I forgot to warn you that this post was filled with excitement! On Sunday, I figured that I should probably film some of the city to prove that I have actually been here.

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Romania: Week 1

Posted By Scott Stevens on 11 Oct 2013
I have been here for nearly a week now and it has been great! I have met so many students who are all so enthusiastic about speaking English. We have set several projects for the classes from producing a short video about their town to hosting a 'Come Dine With Me' event. I have explored the city a bit more in my evenings and have found a new favourite spot. There is a small park filled with trees and it looks amazing during sunset.

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Romania - The Beginning

Posted By Scott Stevens on 08 Oct 2013
Welcome to Romania!  I arrived into the country on Sunday and it has been great so far! We drove from Targu Mures to Ordorheiu (where I am staying) and the drive was beautifully scenic. We went through many small towns and saw a few mountains! It was a great way to kick start the trip.  After I had settled in, I went to the school on Monday to start off. I have been helping teach English by having conversations with the pupils.

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