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Kai Li Loh
About Me
Foodie. Apple lover (both the fruit and company). Murakami enthusiast. Scientist. Wants to meet Count Dracula. Currently in limbo between graduating and finding a job.
Kai Li Loh's Blogs

(Dancing, Singing, Kicking, Climbing) to the power of Infinity

Posted By Kai Li Loh on 06 Sep 2012
Life has a habit of doing that to you, bidding it's time, waiting for the right moment and then pouncing on you just when you're all settled down and comfortable. Adventures behave in the exact same way. Last week, I was comfortable in a care home with just 6 kids to look over, this week I'm in a different care home with eleven kids, almost double from last week. Needless to say, in this job you have to learn on your feet pretty quickly.

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Bon Appetit - Jó étvágyat

Posted By Kai Li Loh on 02 Sep 2012
For a self-proclaimed foodie, I don't seem to be writing much about food. So today, I shall dedicate a little writing to give justice to the Transylvanian cuisine that I sup every day. The important thing to note is that lunch is the main meal of the day, and when I say main meal, I mean that they have two-course meals for lunch, no matter how austere. The Romanians love their soups and I have tried all three kinds that exist in the cuisine: the pleasantly sour sauerkraut kind of vegetable soup, the creamy soup that may or may not come with meat but always with the addition of sour cream, and the clear chicken soup that usually comes with pasta.

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The Keresztur Children's Curiosity, Concentration and Cards

Posted By Kai Li Loh on 31 Aug 2012
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on children, and in fact this is my first time working with them. So these are just my personal observations as a greenhorn children's playmate. If anyone who reads this has a comment to make I would be more than happy to hear it! Curiouser than a certain feline I need not say more about the neverending curiosity of children. It is a well-known fact that children have a boundless amount of curiosity (and energy) that it can make teaching them either very easy or very difficult.

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Köszönöm - Thank You (for the Music)

Posted By Kai Li Loh on 28 Aug 2012
I informed the children that I come from Malaysia but study in England and am now volunteering in Romania. I showed them all the currency I had with me and when they saw the 20p coin they proclaimed 'Elizabeth!'. Hopefully when the time comes and when someone throws a pound coin into a pint of Ciuc (a favourite beer), one of them will have the sense to down it, and then immediately lose their newly-acquired sense. My second day in and I finally know who is who.

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See-ah on the first day

Posted By Kai Li Loh on 26 Aug 2012
Hello world. The small town of Rugonfalva, Transylvania is surprisingly very much connected to the whole wide world. It knows all about the outside world but does not let it affect its way of life. For instance, although there is wifi everywhere, in my current homestay, I am living right next to seven dogs, two dozen chickens and two cute piglets that could not possibly be eaten. Eggs and all fresh produce comes from just around the corner.

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