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Ziplining in Thailand

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 06 Jul 2015
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On the weekends a lot of our volunteers like to partake in “adventure tourism” – visiting elephants, rafting, trekking and flying through the jungle on ziplines! This weekend I decided to check one of these events out, and I went ziplining.

It was so much fun! I had a great time. We arrived at the check-in point for Thai Jungle. We were much relieved to find fresh, new facilities, which assuaged my worry about the safety of the course. We quickly suited up in harnesses, helmets and gloves. We hopped in the back of a pickup truck and went to the start of the course. Admittedly we were quite nervous. But our two guides, Moss and Rut, quelled our worries and took us step by step. Our first activity was a shaky rope ladder that swung from side to side as you stepped across the boards. Moss and Rut began shaking the ropes, making us pause and shriek as we swayed from side to side. We made it across and started riding the lines. Two pieces of metal attached to our harnesses were attached to the ziplines, and we rode across them. It was great. It was so much fun to fly across the line to the other side. Soon the courses got bigger and we traversed a gully several times. The view of the mountains, the valley, and the lush greenery all around was so thrilling. I pulled out my GoPro camera to get some shots.

We traversed different obstacles, our guides teasing us and pretending to pull us away or shaking the lines as we went. It was a lovely light adventure for a Saturday afternoon. At the end we had a delicious meal and relaxed in the coffee shop. I can’t wait to go again on another course and experience the freedom of racing across a mountain on a zipline!

Whatever sort of adventure you’re seeking – whether it be with elephants, ziplining, bungee jumping and more – we can arrange a tour for you!

Amy Ferguson
Media Intern
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