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Pad Thai and So Much More: Thai Food!

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 11 Aug 2015
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One awesome benefit of living in Thailand is the food. Thai food is so, so dang tasty. Delicious food is not something I was expecting, but it is a great part of the experience! It never fails to be extremely good and filling. 

Meat lovers will find an array of delicious meats, while vegetarians will find plenty of tasty vegetables as well. Thai people eat pork quite a bit. My favorite pork dishes are moo ga ta, which is pork belly slow cooked over a fire, moo ga tiem, cooked pork with garlic and spices, moo bpeng, which is marinated skewers of pork found at street vendors, and deep fried pork strips. I will basically eat pork any way they like to cook it. Chicken is often available yet beef is not common. The fish is often quite good, especially fried at one of our favorite restaurants at a scenic restaurant overlooking a lake and mountains. Fruit is readily available and in many delicious varieties, including some fruits like rampadang and mangosteen that may be new for you! 

The street food is great, and I have yet to get sick from any of it. You can find different kinds of curries, stews, soups, and more. My favorite is rotee, a pancake-like treat fried in oil and filled with egg and cheese, mango, or banana chocolate. But in general most street food is good. It’s also really fun to eat street foods while wandering around the different markets.

Kow soi is a northern Thai specialty. It is a coconut curry soup with noodles, fried crispy noodles, and chicken. Delish. Mango sticky rice is a coconut-y sweet dessert. If you can stand the spice, papaya salad is a tasty vegetable salad. Of course, pad Thai is a good noodle staple. And pad see yuw is a good noodle dish, with wide, flat noodles, garlic, and morning glory. 

Our chef at the volunteer house, Phi Gaye, cooks amazing food that everyone gobbles up happily. Her home-cooked meals are even better than restaurant food. 

And finally, Thai iced coffee is a sweet treat, or you can get milkshakes at a nearby spot to the volunteer house. 

If you’re seeking to be adventurous with your food you can try eating scorpion and insects in Bangkok, but it’s not as available here in Chiang Mai. You will find crickets and raw squid at our local market. Have fun trying new foods, but also know you will find a lot that tastes familiar, and just about everything will be scrumptious!

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