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Muay Thai

Posted By Amy Ferguson on 14 Aug 2015
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Muay Thai is the longstanding art of Thai boxing. It was used in centuries past to train for the battlefield, but has been adapted as a sport by Thai kings and in the modern day. It involves kicking and kneeing your opponent along with punching with gloves. The blows are powerful. We have been a couple of times to a stadium in Chiang Mai, and it is always entertaining.

Several instruments are played that heighten the experience. They include drums and a horn which intensify as the end of each round approaches. Men walk through the crowd and proposition the audience to gamble on the fights. Last time I lost one bet and won another to break even.

In all honesty, the first few rounds are difficult to watch. The fights are all done by teenagers. They seem too young for the audience to really enjoy them beating each other up. But by the last few rounds the fighters are all older and stronger, and even for a non-violent person, it can be fun to watch the intense fights.

In the intermission they have two shows which are always highly entertaining. The first is a choreographed sword fight between two skilled dancers. Sparks fly from their swords as they spar in a high-paced duel. One ends up on the ground, and is “destroyed” with a spectacular leap. In the second, several performers wear blindfolds in the ring and stumble around, trying to punch anything they come into contact with, including the referee. They make exaggerated punches and fall dramatically to the ground, which is quite amusing to watch. The intermission is always great to see, and then the second four fights of eight begin where the stakes are high. It is definitely an edge-of-your-seat experience, especially if you’ve placed money on it!

Come to Thailand and spend a night watching the amazing fighters of Muay Thai!

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